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Workplace Related

Workers Compensation Claim

If you have been injured at your workplace, during any travel you do for your employment, or during a work break, you are entitled to compensation.  Unlike other forms of Personal Injury claims, you do not need to prove fault to receive this compensation.

The Workers Compensation Act exists to protect you from the financial loss that your injury causes whether from medical bills or loss of wages in your employment.  In order to claim Workers Compensation, you only need to be able to show that the conditions of your employment were a ‘significant contribution factor’ to causing your injury, whether a physical injury, mental, or psychological (such as severe stress or feeling overworked).  Workers Compensation also covers you if the primary income earner of your household has died or become severely injured due to a workplace accident.

A common example of a successful workers compensation claim is: you are working as a gyprocker, and you fell from a ladder, which injured your back that you can no longer work as a gyprocker, in fact you are so injured that you cannot work in any similar field.  You are entitled to compensation because the injury prevents you from continuing your work.

You can even claim workers compensations, when you fell down on the street when you are you going to work. Yes, you just fell and injured yourself; there are no other parties involved, it’s you all your own fault, still you can claim workers compensation and receive your benefit.

Other examples of workplace injuries include:

  • Back pain from lifting heavy objects
  • Aggravation of a pre-existing problem
  • Broken bones and cuts
  • Psychological disorders directly relating to your work (depression, feeling rundown, stress)
  • A disease caused by work conditions (diseases from breathing dust or asbestos)
  • Death due to an injury or disease related to the workplace

If you have been injured as a result of an accident at your workplace, or travelling to, from or for work, – We can help you with your Workers Compensation claim. Simply call us on 9797 8688, we will offer free advice 24/7 in the language that is familiar to you.

If you are seriously injured and cannot attend our office, our specialist counsel can go the place that is most convenient to you. We not only help you to claim your entitlement, we also take the utmost care for you.