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Commercial Property

Commercial Property

When buying commercial property, all the issues and considerations as mentioned in the Residential Properties (Strata and Non Strata) are just as relevant.

In addition, you should be aware of the following issues:

  • Goods and Services Tax- Generally GST is payable on purchase of commercial property. However, there can be situation where there is no GST implication.
  • Land Tax- Owner of a commercial property may be liable to pay Land Tax may be payable by the owner of the property.
  • Lease- If you are buying a commercial property with the existing tenancy, you should be aware of the terms and conditions of the lease. You should obtain the Lessor’s disclosure statements from the Vendor.
  • Capital Gain Tax- You should consider CGT implication when purchasing the property.
  • Planning Issues- If you are also purchasing the business located at the property or that you wish to start your own business there, you should also consider whether the intended or existing business usage is compatible within zoning of the property. A good starting form is to consult the Planning Certificate attached to the Contract.

For Sale of commercial property, the conveyancing process is similar to that of selling a residential property.  Please refer to Residential sections for more details.