As compensation lawyers, we are not to advertise personal injury and compensation legal services in NSW and QLD due to the operation of relevant law- unless we are providing legal advices to our existing clients.

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Property Conveyancing

Sun & Wang Associates Solicitors provides an extensive range of property conveyancing services and advice, from residential, commercial, off-the-plan properties, industrial properties, vacant land to transferring property ownership.

We provide reputable and timely advice on all aspects of property transactions, development, investment and risks, working with a range of clients including private property owners, property developers and reputable corporate groups.

Property Team

Driven by an in depth understanding of process, regulatory regimes and corporate governance within the property realm, our team of solicitors and conveyancers combine their extensive experience across a wide range of property developments, residential land, strata and community title, industrial and commercial developments, to deliver technically excellent and innovative solutions for clients, and ensuring seamless property transactions.

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