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Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor Vehicle Accident

It is not simply just a car accidents, it covers any equipment that is propelled by a motor, or as part of a motor vehicle such as trailer. So motor vehicle can include motorcycles, buses, trucks, trains, boats, airplanes or even scissor lift, where injury to an individual occurs. If you have been injured in a car crash or any form of motor vehicle accident that was a result of another driver’s negligence, you may be entitled to personal injury compensation.

In NSW, the Motor Accident Compensation Act 1999 exists to protect you from the medical or legal financial burden that often follows these types of accidents.
In the unfortunate event of an accident, stay calm and contact police and emergency service immediately. Always remember to obtain the Police Event number, and the contact detail of the officers at the scene.

Once you injuries have been treated, contact us immediately on 9797 8655 because by the law of NSW, you only have limited period of time to make a claim, in fact this period is only half year.
We will ask you to provide as much information as you can remember, such as such as names, registration numbers and insurance details of the vehicles involved, as well as receipts for hospital care, medical treatment and medication.

If you cannot provide those information due to the severity of injury or language barrier, don’t worry we will contact the police to provide the detail. However this will take time, and time is of essence in this matter, so contact ASAP.

We know injuries sustained in a car accident, motorbike accident, as a pedestrian, or in any other form of motor vehicle accident can be painful and traumatic. We know you may be hospitalized or traumatized, so if you need our advice, we can go to the place that is most convenient to you, be it you home or hospital, we are here to help.
If you have suffered injury as a result of a car or motor vehicle accident, as a passenger, pedestrian, or in any other form of motor vehicle accident – we will help, simply dial 9797 8655, we will provide our service 24/7 in your language.