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Immigration will be the first daunting legal issues faced by many ethnic groups that compose our nation. We endeavor to assist you to achieve your Australian dream, for you to stay as a business migrant, skilled person, to have your family in Australia or to achieve your dream of being in Australia. No matter whether you’ve lost your visa or you are illegally overstaying in Australia. We will commit ourselves to our law and our legal system in order to bring the best result to you. In Australia, the laws and legal system not only protect its citizens but aliens like you, it is the law that encourages you to seek legal advice, and it is the law that empowers us to help you regardless of the odd.

We are experienced in both visa applications and various review mechanisms such as Merit Review Tribunal (MRT) Refuge Review Tribunal (RRT) or Judicial Review. You will be advised the best option to suit your visa application. We understand migration law and the processes involved because we are the law firm that specialized in migration law– thus streamlining the processing time. Our application assistance packages include strategic advice, preparation of forms, preparation of submission and lodgement to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). We also provide necessary liaisons with Department officers and other authorities concerned. (MARN: 0742583, 0852573. Code of Conduct)