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Sexual Offences

Sexual Offences is the generic term that encompasses acts ranging from act of indecency, indecent assault, sexual assault all the way to aggravated sexual assault.

Sex offences are the most complicated and emotional offences in our criminal law system, it complicated and difficult because normally there are no witnesses other than the victim. It is difficult to defend without prepare legal representative, it is usually the word of one party against the word of another, and as such legal representatives with expertise in advocacy and communication are essentials.

Lack of witness is not the only hurdle, the issue with consent, the problematic usage of DNA evidences, and the inherit sympathy for the alleged victim are hurdles for the accused, and without a competent legal representative, it will be impossible for the accused to defend him/herself against the overwhelming odd.

The penalties for sexual offences are severe, usually 5 years or above, in the worst case scenario it can be up to 20 years of jail term, with non patrol period of 10 years or more.

For anyone that is accused of sexual offences, regardless of what really happened, topnotch legal representatives is a must for anyone wishes to defend his/her innocence and liberty, and as a law firm with extensive experience and expertise in this area, we will offer your our professional services to help you to overcome all the hurdles, just simply call 9797 8688, we can be contacted 24/7.