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Drink Driving Offences

All PCA (Prescribed Content Alcohol) offences are major offences. Upon conviction for a major offence a period of automatic licence disqualification applies without the order of the court. The court may take into account the effects of disqualification on the offender when deciding what the penalty should be given including jail.

For a common yet serious offence like drink driving offences, we give accurate advice about drink driving penalties, fines, disqualification periods, habitual offender declarations, Interlock devices, breath test, breath analysis, traffic offenders programs, the guideline judgment for high range drink driving and much more and all sentencing options including “Section 10”.

As your lawyer, we will advise you whether the blood alcohol concentration reading was accurate, whether time limits were observed, whether your case could be defended or the seriousness reduced for example from high range to mid range or mid range to low range, and discuss the consequences of being a disqualified driver, suspended driver or cancelled driver.

So if you have been “busted for drink driving” and losing your licence is going to make life very difficult, contact us on 9797 8688, and will provide expert service 24 hours a day.