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If you make an unsuccessful bail application, the current bail laws make it extremely difficult to have a second bail application unless you go to the Supreme Court. Don’t blow your chance of bail, get professional legal advice beforehand.

We can advise you about the legislative criteria for bail to be granted; whether a surety might be required; about reporting to a police station; the sorts of conditions that might be imposed and generally the requirements the Court will need to be satisfied of before bail can be granted.

If you suspect that you might not be granted bail, or that your friend or relative has been arrested and might not get bail, you should make immediate contact with our office and speak with one of our criminal defence lawyers.

The loss of liberty for any person is devastating. Obtaining fast, accurate advice as well as forceful and confident representation is essential. Ideally, a family member or friend should make their way to court for a bail application as they will often have information that will help our team do the best job for the person in custody with a view to having them released in the quickest possible time.