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Managed Investment Schemes

A Managed Investment Scheme consists of a group of people combining financial resources in order to make a profit. Individual contributors pool their money and divide any profits according to their relative contribution. These individual contributors will have little if any control to how the investment scheme is conducted. They rely on the decisions of the managing party, who are expected to be responsible and act I the interest of the contributing members.

Managed Investment Schemes will need to be registered if there are more than twenty persons involved. It will also need to be registered if the managing party or individual conducts such investments schemes at a professional level. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) sometime requires other schemes to be registered at the discretion of the ASIC.

The managing party in a Managed Investment Scheme is expected to act honestly, diligently and in the interest of the investors. They are not to be involved in any situation where they may be a conflict on interests.

It is important to seek qualified legal advice before starting a Managed Investment Scheme. Failure to register a scheme, or failure to conduct it properly, can result in great legal difficulties.

There are two regimes applicable to recognising and enforcing foreign judgments in Australia. The Foreign Judgments Act 1991 (Cth) and the Foreign Judgments Regulations 1992 (Cth) provide the statutory regime. If the statutory regime does not apply, foreign judgments in Australia must be enforced under the common law principles for the enforcement of foreign judgments.
Since China is not a jurisdiction in which the abovementioned statutes apply any judgement from a Chinese courts’ can only be enforced in Australia under the common law, and only when certain conditions are satisfied.

Abraham Gang Sun, our principle solicitor, possesses rich experience in this area of law. He acted for clients to enforcing a judgment given by District Court of Tianjin and Guangzhou.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues in this regard. Our specialist expertise can provide you with reliable and personalised solutions aiming at achieving the best possible outcome at the most reasonable costs.
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